Achieve Top Google Page Rank in As Little As 1 Day

There is no mystery to the fact that if you want to get the visitors to your site, you have to let them know you exist and the best way to do that it to get to the top of Google check ranking of website for whatever keyword that you are attempting. There are many people and companies that will tell you that they can get you there and that it will take a ton of money and a ton of time. I am here to tell you, you can do it without a lot of either.

The two best and least expensive ways to get to the top of Google for your specific keyword is through the Google 10 box and through social media marketing. Let’s briefly take a look at what both can do for you.

Google 10 box is probably the most powerful tool in your Google page rank attempts and if you look at an Google page rank checker, when your business is in the 10 box, you are ranked at or near the top of the list. What Google 10 box is, is a Google map with the top businesses in that area for that keyword. For example, Plumbers in Chicago. If you had your company listed in the “box” your company would be on the first page of Google for that keyword, even above sites that are more aged and may have spent thousands to get there. Google 10 box is the strongest and least expensive way to get your business high Google page rank so that it can be seen. Plus, if you really get good at it, you can have your business on in as little as 24 hours!

The second is social media marketing. Taking advantage of twitter, face book, my space, blogging, articles and press releases is the smartest and can be the most cost effective forms of advertising. Most of these things you can do yourself and even learn what to do by reading forum posts and free e books that are available on line. There are also companies that offer to do everything for you for a fraction of the cost you may expect.

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