Bandeau Bikini – Consideration For Bandeau Bikini Top Selection

 What is a bandeau bikini top?

A bandeau bikini top is a top without any strap. The bikini is supported through the 2 cups and the strap at the back. This strapless look is its most important attraction. There are several variants of the bikini available in the market including bikinis with detachable straps and padded  bikini.

Consideration for bandeau bikini selection

The strapless look makes the selection process extremely important. A wrong selection may result in the most embarrassing moment of your life. In this article we shall try to discuss all the important points that you need to consider before buying the bikini.

  1. Consider your bust size: The bandeau bikini looks good on girls with smaller busts. Hence if you have comparatively larger bust then go for some other type of bikini. As stated earlier the detachable strap bikini may be a good choice for you.
  2. Not too Loose: Buy a bikini that fits your body properly and is not too loose. Remember that the bikini does not have any strap and hence rests on your body only. Hence if you end up buying a bikini that is too loose then you will not be able to wear it.
  3. Not too tight: In order to avoid the above problem i.e buying a bikini that is too loose many girls end up buying one that is too tight for them. Remember that the bikini is going to be on the most sensitive parts of your body and hence buy a good fitting one and not one that is too tight.
  4. Avoid going to deep water: Avoid going to deep water while wearing this strapless bikini. Especially if you go to a water fall or sea then the bikini top may be carried away by water thereby creating an embarrassment for you.
  5. Try it out before buying: Make sure to try out the bikini before buying and check that the bikini does not ride up or fold while doing some of the common activities that you are likely to do on the beach.

The idea of wearing any bikinis is to be comfortable and look good. And finally the only thing that you need to carry it off is loads of attitude. Always remember that and the points above and do not worry too much about whether you look good or not.

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