Bra Size Calculator: What’s Your Actual Size?

We may not be aware of it, but we could actually be wearing the wrong bra size. That backache we bh größe berechnen have been constantly complaining about may be due to wearing a wrong-sized bra.

There are a lot of other health risks that arise from using an incorrectly measured bra. This is why it is of utmost importance that women find out their correct measurements to eliminate these health risks. With the help of a bra size calculator, we can finally find out how the bra that we have been wearing measure-up to our actual size.

This calculator can be found on the internet and can be used for free. There are instructions as well that we can find online to help us take the right measurements.

How to Take the Right Measurements

When taking measurements of our chest area, there are three spots that we need to focus on to help us determine the right bra size for us. To figure out the band size, we need to measure the area directly under the bust.

For the cup size, we need to measure the fullest point of our breasts by wrapping the tape measure around the breasts starting from the back all the way to the fullest tip.

Finally, we also need to measure the spot directly above our breasts to fully determine our correct bra size. Once we have all the values of measurement, we will then input the numbers on the appropriate boxes indicated in the bra size calculator to instantly get our right bra measurement.

There are also available conversion calculators to give us the appropriate bra size that corresponds with other standards of measurements used in other countries such as US, UK, Australia and New Zealand, among others.

Shopping Online

Now that we have determined our correct bra size, next on the agenda should be to purchase the right bras that will fit us perfectly. If we do not have time to shop for new ones in department stores or lingerie shops, we can d our shopping on the internet.

There are numerous specialty shops that offer all types of bras in every available size and various colors and designs. Typically, online shops that offer women’s brassieres and lingerie have their own size charts and conversion calculators to help us get the right size.

There are also guides that we can use to further determine our correct bra size in case we want to make sure that we are indeed getting the right size. Further assistance can also be provided by the shop’s customer support section or we can pose our queries through the shop’s online facilities for customers’ questions.

Whatever type of brassiere we are looking for; whether push-up bras, under-wired, soft cups or padded cups, online shops have all these and more. Designs come in simple patterns or sexy looks depending on our preference.

Once we have picked-out the bras of our choice, we simply add these to our online shopping cart, make the necessary payments and delivery instructions; and then we simply have to wait for these to arrive right at our doorstep.

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