Bull Jumps Into Stand at Event in Spain Injuring 40

Wednesday in Madrid, Spain at a local sporting event at the Tafalla arena, a Bull ended up jumping in the grandstands with spectators. Injuring 40 people including a 10 year old boy, the bull was finally controlled by handlers and later killed.

This wasn’t the first time the bull attempted to get into the stands, according to witnesses the bull made two prior attempts before succeeding in the third. With the knowledge and examples given prior to this catastrophe, why didn’t the arena officials put a stop to the event itself? One would think that there has got to be a legal consequence arising from this occurrence. The bull just like any other animal is unpredictable Avvocato in Spagna, witnessing the bull attempt to jump into the crowd stands two times should cause a panic and halting the event before it got out of hand.

I don’t know if it has ever happened here, at a mock “running of the bulls” (which occurs from time to time) or at a rodeo. Would there be legal liability, or, do the attendees of these events assume the risk of this occurring?

I don’t know the laws of Spain.

I do know the laws of the United States, and in particular, Arizona. I can state very definitively that if this occurred here, the owners of the event, the owners of the arena and the proprietors involved better have damn good liability insurance! No one assumes the risk of being marred by a bull while sitting in the stands at a entertainment venue. Plans and structures should be in place to prevent this. The “fool me once…” adage does NOT apply here. Once the bull made a second attempt at the crowd, it should have been put down. Period. Guns would work. So would tasers.

The paramount concerns for events proprietors is the protection of the public. Period!

I hope there are similar laws in Spain, and I hope that these events owners and organizers have good liability insurance.

Our hearts go out to the family and friends of the 10 year old victim in this case.

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