Can You Live Off The Coast Of Cyprus?

Every year, thousands of British holiday makers head for the Mediterranean to enjoy the sun, sea, sand and escape from their everyday life. Occasionally people, who love holidays on the islands so much, make the choice to move there permanently. If you are one of these people and are considering a move, you may be interested to know what you options are. Cyprus yachts for sale,

While you could buy or rent an apartment or house on an island, you may have financial issues that prevent you from doing so. One option which many people don’t consider is living in a boat out at sea. An island like Cyprus offers a long uninterrupted coast line to explore while you sail your home where you like and enjoy minimal living costs. But is it possible to live there permanently?

You’ll need a good boat

For starters you will need to invest in a good boat as it will need to withstand not only the occasionally stormy seas found in the colder months, but you living in it 24/7. If you have the funds, getting a brand new boat would be advisable as it will hopefully have all the navigation, communication and living equipment you need. If you can’t afford one, you may want to buy a big second hand one and spend some time on dry land getting it seaworthy and as homely as possible.


While you don’t need a license for some countries and some speeds and sizes of boat, it is still best to get as much training and qualifications as possible. This will give you the best advantage should you come across a particularly rough sea or if you accidentally scuttle yourself.


You will of course need to have a job to earn money while you’re living at sea. This may prove difficult but there are certainly companies which operate offshore Cyprus, though this may not mean literally offshore. Either way there is enough Cyprus company incorporation going on, on land on Cyprus that you should be able to find a suitable job, even if it means going on land from time to time.


Unless you want to eat nothing but fish and lemons for the rest of your life, you will have to go on land once in a while to get supplies. Make sure you pick up things like medicine while you’re there too so you don’t get caught short. So basically yes you can live off the coast of a Mediterranean island like Cyprus but you may find it hard going. How strong are your sea legs?

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