Did Ancient Astronauts From Alien Worlds Bring Life To Earth?

Recently I stumbled across a History Channel program about “Ancient Aliens or Ancient Astronauts” who are in some of the episodes credited with the emergence of life on earth. The alien og seeds takes care in never making a definite statement that this did in fact reallyoccur, but mask their investigations and beliefseeds questions instead. It is much easier to make an interrogatory statement than a statement of fact.

Since the beginning of time mankind has pondered the age-old questions of how, where, when and why life had its origins on earth. Some people, as in the “Ancient Aliens” television series, postulate that millions of years ago, visitors from outer space found their way to earth, bringing with them a process that they initiated that was the first emergence of the human species. They make no such assumptions about the animals, insects, birds and even smaller living cells, molecules, atoms, electrons and smaller particles, small but depending on your perspective, also alive.

These ancient aliens, as hypothesized, represented the early earth gods, and there were many gods to follow including the Roman, Greek and sundry mythical gods long since forgotten and lost in the mists of time. You will notice that I do not capitalize the word god in this paragraph. I will capitalize it where appropriate.

In some scientific circles it has become fashionable to believe in a process called panspermia, whereby small spores and germs distributed and permeating the universe, searching for appropriate environments favorable to their growth and then seeding themselves into those worlds, eventually evolving into valid civilizations with self-aware, intelligent beings, as in the case of earth. To believe in this theory you must of course, believe that your grandmother evolved from a spore or germ.

There are of countless religious theories, taught by the some six thousand different denominations of religions now in existence on the face of the planet, all expressing in their own ideas, their versions of how some capricious god, who incidentally stands alone, separate and aloof from the physical world, while creating it and from that lofty postiion, overseeing every smallest violation of his rules, meting out appropriate punishment to those sinner violators and blessing his most ardent and obedient followers.

There are many disparate beliefs concerning the beginning of life on earth circulating at any given time, some of which have some basis in truth, but most are not even close. It is because of this, I want to put forth some quite different ideas concerning the emergence of life on earth.

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