Efficient Ways to Learn Chinese

Are you interested in learning Chinese? If yes, of course you are looking for the fastest and easiest way to study the language, right? To learn Chinese you must know the 3 essential things that you should focus like tones, individual character and sentence order.

Those 3 things are important to boost up your ability. No matter you learn it for years or you just begin the course, the main aspects are helpful for your lessons. Combining those is very useful to change your skill. Here are the explanations of why you have to be focus in the 3 crucial aspects. Efficient Chinese learner;

1. Tones

Tone is the key to speak all Chinese dialect and include Mandarin. Make sure that you know the tones of each time you study new word or character. Try to practice it often because it will ease you to understand the exact word that you are saying.

For beginner Chinese learner, regularly think that tones are not important, so most of them ignore it and they focus to understand the correct grammar. But, did you know, Chinese person said that tones are the main part of language rather than non-tonal phonemic elements (sounds). They usually understand other people who speak Chinese when the tones are right, although the non-tonal sounds are wrong. Thus, it’s important for you to focus in tones rather than non-tonal language.

2. Individual Characters

The second essential key in study Chinese is individual character. By understanding the character you’ll speed up your Chinese learning. With knowing the 3000 or more commonly used character, you’ll get new vocabulary in a flash. It also helps you to guess the exact meaning of new words without open your dictionary.

If you are concern to recognize the individual character, you’ll study speaking and listening efficiently. This way will improve your skill fast and you’ll mastering Chinese in easiest way.

3. Sentence Order

The last but not least aspect you have to focus is sentence order. As we know, English is easy to be understood, although your grammar and sentence order is mess up, but the native speakers can understand what you are talking about. It’s different with Chinese, the sentence order must be correct and quickly to understand.

When you combine the sentence order, the Chinese native speakers will get confused. It is because they used to use the proper grammar. Chinese grammar is simple enough, but not flexible. So, you need to learn the correct way of sentence order. Above are the 3 main aspects to learn Chinese. Once you know the exact efficient steps, you’ll enhance your Chinese skills. Try to apply those tricks and soon you’ll master Chinese well.

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