Get Creative When Starting a Dollar Store

Stand apart from the crowd when starting a dollar store. This statement will require that you take a long, hard look at your competitors. This single step is one of the most important you can take to start down the path to success with dollar stores. You must know them well. Learn their hours of operation, the dollar store merchandise items they carry, suppliers of those dollar store merchandise items, how they treat shoppers and customers at the cash register, and just their general operational approach. Do this for every major competitor in your local market. Then determine what they all have in common and what makes each unique in the marketplace.

Look for ways to differentiate your business

A big sign out front

If your competitors all have small signs for some reason, think about installing a huge, attention-grabbing sign (Assuming your landlord and government agencies will allow it!) as a means of differentiating your business. Think about adding something totally unique such as a collector’s car or some other attention-grabbing object in your front window when starting a dollar store.

A huge dollar store

If your competitors are in small or mid-sized stores, think about going big. (Assuming your market can support a large store AND you have the financial wherewithal to handle a super store.) All of a sudden you are on your way to success with dollarstores. Your huge store offers a broader selection of merchandise when compared all of your competitors.

Radio, television and newspaper advertising

Stand apart from the crowd. Virtually none of your competitors will spend money on radio, television or newspaper advertising. While this strategy does require a little cash up-front and careful monitoring throughout, it certainly lets your business stand apart from the crowd.

Products not carried by competitors

Know your competition. Know the products they carry. Then find out exactly what your shoppers must have, and Security Cameras Wallmart what they are eager to buy. Add those items to your inventory. Your store becomes unique when compared to all of the competition. Your sales will grow. Shoppers will come back time and again.

A super-clean, well organized store

When starting a dollar store pay special attention to your competitors and how they maintain their store. If all are fairly clean and well-organized, then make your store super-clean, well-organized and a fun place to shop.

Let your imagination run wide

This list provides ideas ranging from the inexpensive to the expensive. Now it is your turn; what other ways can your store be made to stand apart from the crowd? Continue to ask yourself this question. Look for ideas when you are reading business books or periodicals, when you enter other businesses, and when you are walking through your store. Then differentiate your store even more to achieve true success with dollarstores.

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