Getting The Most Out Of Your Keyword Search Strategy

So called experts have lots of seemingly conflicting keyword advice. This is so because different types of keywords are good for different reasons. Once you understand the various factors involved in using keywords, you will be better able to choose the right keywords database for your marketing campaign.

I have a keyword on my finch website optimized for “breeding gouldian finches”. I get about 20 visitors a month for this keyword. I was brand new to internet marketing when I put up this page. I had been told by a “guru” that all I need to do was optimized for this keyword and write a few articles and I would see a steady stream of sales. Well, I’m still waiting on that one. You see, you need a good keyword with good demand to get a descent amount of traffic. But demand is just part of the big picture.

Keyword Search Strategy Suggestions

Choose keywords that have enough monthly demand to drive a good amount of traffic to your site. This will vary according to your niche but you want traffic to your site that averages a dollar per visitor. Don’t waste your time optimizing for a keyword with less than a few hundred monthly searches. Remember, it is highly unlikely all of those searching your keywords will visit your site.

Consider the keyword demand and supply ratios. For example if your target keyword had 300,000 searches last month and your Google search results showed 40 million results, can you compete for this keyword?

Over time yes, it will probably take years. You don’t want to spend years competing for a keyword. You want to find a keyword that has less completion. What about a more targeted keyword that had 4,000 searches and only 3,000 competitors? Much better, with proper SEO tactics you could begin to rank for this keyword in a few months.

Make sure to pick keywords that will send you the type of visitor you are targeting; getting traffic to your site if good, getting targeted traffic to your site is fantastic. If you have a site selling baby shoes, which is most likely to purchase something from your site someone searching for “baby clothes” or someone searching for “baby shoes”?

Look for variations of your main keywords. A while back one of my main keywords was “guide to make money online” I later found that “make money online guide” was also a good keyword so I have optimized my site for both.

Always include articles on your site targeting your main keywords, if you main keyword fits your niche but you don’t really know anything about that particular keyword, do some research. For example, if your main keyword is “baby shoes” you could do an online search for “what to look for in quality baby shoes” and see what turns up. Don’t copy anyone’s material! Read it, study it the write your own article in your own words.

Having a good keyword search strategy is only half the battle; you have to know how to properly use those keywords to get traffic to your site and to improve your search engine rankings.

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