Howard Lederer – Professional Poker Player Review Series

Howard Lederer is a famous full tilt poker player. He currently got the 9th place in 2007 World Series of Poker. Howard Lederer was born on 30th October in 1964 in Concord, the capital of New Hampshire in the United States. He is known as a Professional Ledermanufaktur Poker Player. Howard belongs to a great family. His father is Richard Lederer who is a well known writer and linguist. The Professional Poker Player is the brother of poker professional Annie Duke. He had an interest in card games from his childhood. His family was very much into the card game because his parents thought that the card games are really very helpful to keep the family members closed wit each other.

When ever his parents spent time with the children they encouraged card playing to spend the time together. In his childhood he showed his talent on chess. After he finished his school life he was moved to the New York City. In New York he admitted in the Columbia University for his future studies. New York City is famous for its chess clubs. The young boy has entered into the chess club because he had a great interest in chess. In a chess club Howard Lederer was first introduced with the poker games. When he discovers that the poker game is attracting him more, he started playing it often.

He often played in Mayfair Club with the other famous poker player of the present time. Dan Harrington, Eric Seidel and the others were the co player of Howard Lederer. In that time he had a good lesson and became more skillful in his play because of that tough competition he had to face with the other great Poker Players. He was not introduced to high stake poker games at that time. He first invented it when he left New York and moved to Las Vegas. Las Vegas is highly popular in the world for its casinos. In Las Vegas he was first started playing high stake poker games. He is successfully playing the highest stakes cash games for the last ten years.

The online full tilt poker game is very famous and Howard Lederer is one of the team members who designed the online poker game. He runs the Howard Lederer Poker Fantasy Camp. He stood 9th in the 2007 World Series of Poker and won $6,203 in seven card stud. In 2006 World Series of Poker he got the 33rd position and won $7,153 in limit hold’em shootout. In the year 2005 he got three awards in the world class competition.

He placed at 133rd position in no limit hold’em championship and won $54,965, he won $16,450 for getting the 17th position in the 37th event and he also got $6,160 for securing the 14th position in $2,000 seven card stud. Howard Lederer is a longtime vegetarian and a very interesting event of his life has become a memorable one for this particular food practice. Howard Lederer once won $10,000 for eating cheeseburgers.

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