Keyword Search Tools – What They Are & How They Work

Keyword search tools are considered a necessity for most people who are into internet marketing/publishing. The most basic ones simply allow you to see how many people api for google keyword rankings have been searching for a particular word or phrase every month, while some of the more advanced ones give you much more detailed analysis of keywords.

Years ago many people simply used the free overture keyword tool (which is now integrated with Yahoo search marketing) or Wordtracker’s free keyword tool to find keywords that they might want to try to rank for in the search engines.

Keyword software is good for finding niche markets that you may not have thought of on your own or for finding longtail keywords to target which will generally have less competition. You simply type in a word or phrase into the tool and you’ll get a list of related terms that you can analyze further.

The best free keyword tool available in my opinion is Google’s keyword tool. Google’s tool is primarily for publishers who use Google AdWords but it can also be used to find keywords for your websites as well. You can use it for finding monthly search volume, search volume trends (which month they’re searched for least/most), advertiser competition etc.

There are tons of companies around now that offer their own keyword search tools. Some of them are free or offer a free trial while others charge a monthly fee and others that you buy outright for a one time fee.

The better ones work with Google’s search engine so that the data you receive will match what you would find in Google. Some of the other features will include things such as:

  • strength of competition – allowing you to see how many websites are optimized for the keyword you would like to use.
  • commercial intent – which is how likely is it that a person searching for that keyword phrase is looking to make a purchase.
  • ad cost – how much would a person likely have to pay to have the top spot if advertising on Google AdWords.
  • there’ll also be several other functions that you won’t find using one of the free tools.

The most important aspect of any keyword search tool is how accurate the information is that you’re receiving. Not all of the tools work with Google’s API so the data you receive may be from another database source. If you’re trying to land the top spot on Google then you would want to find one that’s powered by them. Keep in mind that the amount of traffic is estimated and even if you have the number one position in Google there’s no guarantee your site will get the amount of traffic you expect it to.

You’ll save a bunch of time and energy if you get yourself familiarized with keyword software. If you’re going to buy the software make sure you purchase something that has a user friendly interface that is easy to use. You don’t want to purchase something where the learning curve is too steep and has you wasting time figuring out how to use it. I do recommend that if you are serious about internet marketing then find a good keyword search tool to help you on your way.

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