Overcoming Your Fear

Fear is a manifestation of our personal unconscious. It arises from our conception and through our socialization. Fear is a state of mind that threatens us constantly with uncertain anxieties and reminds us about who we are and what we require, and then, to overcome fear, sends a signal from the body to the mind. This is an action, a communication between the body and mind that things are about to happen. Fear warns us about any looming danger and gives us an opportunity to prepare us for overcoming it by taking necessary action.

There are several steps for overcoming fear. Let us first identify the first step. Fear of the unknown haunts most of us. We do not know what would happen next. Everybody has to go through various vicissitudes in life. Pessimistic thoughts and the fear of failure Manifestation Magic Review cause tremendous turmoil. There is absolutely no reason to anticipate problems all the time. Good things also happen in life. Critically analyze the cause of your fear and prepare yourself to combat it. Banish negative thinking.

We should be able to combat fear successfully by planning our future pragmatically. The next step for overcoming fear is to train us to develop a positive attitude. If the cause of our fear was the uncertainty of securing a good job, we should prepare us to improve the quality of our professional abilities and explore possibilities for better career opportunities. Motivation is necessary for achieving success. We should think positively about the way our life would improve when we get a better job.

Success is always surrounded by uncertainties. The third step is the preparation for encountering failures and rejections. The world would not collapse if that happens. We should critically analyze the causes of failures and make better efforts for improving our performance next time. We shall have to endure a few failures until we succeed. The story of Robert Bruce of Scotland should inspire us.

We often tend to exaggerate the causes of past failures because of our entrapment with previous experience of failure to achieve. What is needed at this fourth step for overcoming fear is to take the past failures as good learning points and focus only on the present. It would enhance the chances of our succeeding because it would enable us to concentrate all our energies for achieving our objective on this occasion and not letting our energies and thoughts being wasted by worrying about past failures and future uncertainties.

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