Tai2 DLL Was Not Found Error – How to Repair This Error Yourself

Tai2.dll is a file used by the “TopSpeed” component of AOL software. This program has been designed to help your https://www.topspeed.com/cars/best-radar-detectorsreviewed-ar190065.html PC process settings & files from the Internet in the fastest way possible, and is an integral part of the AOL suite. However, many people report seeing this error caused by the Tai2.dll file – ‘The application failed to start because tai2.dll was not found’. You can fix this error very easily by using the steps outlined in this article.

This error is typically caused by your computer’s inability to read the Tai2.dll file. This file is used so much that it often becomes damaged / corrupted, and is made unreadable on your system. It can also have some other errors which cause it to become unreadable, such as having registry errors or damaged firewall settings.

The first thing you should do to repair the tai2.dll errors is to reinstall the TopSpeed application. This program is normally installed with AOL and is continually being used when you browse the Internet. Reinstalling TopSpeed will remove all the corrupt or damaged files that tai2.dll requires, and will then replace them with fresh new copies that should work perfectly. One of the biggest causes of the tai2.dll errors is the way in which this file becomes corrupted, and is unreadable. Reinstalling TopSpeed should fix this problem.

You should also make sure that your Firewall is not blocking Tai2.dll from operating. Many firewalls will just block any Internet-based applications / files from running, and will prevent your computer from using the file. This will be a big cause of the error on your PC, and can be fixed by either temporarily disabling your Firewall, or creating an “exception rule” for tai2.dll and TopSpeed.

On top of that, it’s recommended that you clean out the registry of your PC by using a ‘registry cleaner’. The registry is a large database inside your computer, which stores all the settings and files that Windows requires to run, and is also where a large list of DLL files are kept on your system. This list of DLL files helps the programs on your PC to read the.dll files they require to operate, and is a very important part of your system. Unfortunately, this list is continually being damaged & corrupted, leading your system to become unable to read the files it needs, causing errors. This is one of the biggest causes of the tai2.dll error, and can be fixed by using a ‘registry cleaner’ to cure all the problems that your system might have with the registry.

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