The Best Way to Make Gold in WoW? Wow Auction House Trading Explained

One lucrative way to make tons of gold in World of Warcraft is auction house trading. In fact it may be the very best way, since it’s available at any level. Until it was discontinued in October 2008, Auctioneer Classic used to be THE gold making addon buy wow classic items for auction house trading. The process was quite straightforward: You’d let Auctioneer Classic “scan” the AH for great deals, i.e. under priced auctions, buy them out and relist them at a higher price.

Replaced by the more clunky Auctioneer Advanced, the process of scanning and finding bargains was suddenly harder. I know a lot of people still use Auctioneer Advanced for AH trading, but I don’t like it personally. For the time being, I’ve largely switched to manual searches.

What I do is I have a list of popular items, some of which is listed below, that I search for regularly. Pretty soon you’ll learn the ranges in which the items trade. You can write down the high and low price of certain items if you want to, but I find it easy to remember.

Let’s say, for instance, that you’ve been monitoring prices for thorium ore on your server. You know it regularly returns to 3g a piece, so when you spot it at 1.5-2.5 gold a piece, buy all you can get. Then just wait for prices to reach 3g each again and sell then. It’s remarkably simple; all it requires is some patience and seed money.

With Auctioneer Classic it was easier to find tremendous bargains, like a 100g item selling for 1g and such. With manual searches, you’re looking for items with less profit margin but larger volume. Therefore, it’s better to start off with a bit more gold, say 50g to invest.

Especially when starting out, focus on high profit margin items with a low deposit. The best items to look for are trade goods; stuff used for professions. Those usually sell fast. Here’s a more complete list of ideas:

* Enchanting materials (no deposit on these)

* Food (high-end raiding food)

* Ore and bars like silver bars, gold bars, mithril ore, iron ore etc.

* Big stacks of stuff that I split up. For example: Purchase 20 eternal fire for 300 gold and sell them individually for 20 gold each, equaling 400g total.

* Eternals (fire, earth, water, shadow, life, air)

* Crystallized elements (fire, earth, water, shadow, life, air)

* Herbs

* Leather

* Gems

It’s important to learn the markets you’re trading, so focus only on 20-50 items at first. Don’t be afraid to invest heavily when you spot opportunities. Sometimes you’ll lose money in markets that never recover their price, but it will be more than made up for by the killings you make on other items.

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