The Power Of Egyptian Reiki

The art of reiki is all about channeling what is called the universal life force into your body and into others for the benefit of healing and spiritual balance. This life force energy surrounds us all the time and goes through all living creatures. Controlling how the energy enters the body and where it goes to forms the basis for reiki.

Discovered by the Japanese, its techniques have spread across the world and are well recognized today as an effective alternative medicine. Through constant use by different cultures reiki has branched off to form many variations and Egyptian reiki is one such variation.long distance reiki  It’s actually known as reyed sekh em which translated means the universal life force energy, which is in actual fact the same translation for the name reiki itself.

Unlike traditional reiki Egyptian reiki is meant to be a deeper healing method for a person’s emotional, physical and mental state. The kind of feelings you get from such experiences vary but many people have reported feeling either warmth and heat or cold along with some tingling sensation. Most people feel calm and almost peaceful after a session but there have been cases where people have had increased levels of emotions. Everyone is different and so the results can be equally so but overall the person leaves in a much better state of mind often with a new outlook on life.

The egyptian reiki system got its name from a woman called Joanna Bristow Watkins who spent a lot of time in Egypt using what is called a khemitian approach and from there the reiki system was developed.

With egyptian reiki many people get a lot of benefit out of just one session but to get the full effect you usually have to take the sessions for a few weeks and it’s usually advised to rest as much as you can to help with the healing process. Egyptian reiki differs from other reiki systems in that it works on extremely high vibrations which is why it is a good system for deep healing of chronic pain. Seeing results after just one session isn’t the norm as far as traditional reiki is concerned which is why it has proved to be so popular over the years. It’s also a great spiritual healing treatment more so than other types of reiki due to the techniques used in drawing on certain life forces.

When you attend a reiki session the usual practice is that you have to remove all jewelry which can affect the flow of energy and then you are asked to lay down so you are comfortable. The reiki master then uses his hands on the patient to channel energy to specific areas. It’s normal practice to place the hands on the person but not so if the person has a physical injury as channeling energy without touching the area is more effective.

The session usually lasts around an hour but can take up to two hours depending on the case. In that time many people fall asleep as the whole process is extremely relaxing. This is a good thing though as it shows that the treatment is working. It also does no harm letting the body rest to full capacity either.

Just like all reiki systems Egyptian reiki is completely safe and has helped cure many people of physical and mental disorders but it is no substitute for conventional medicine. Reiki is best used in conjunction with other practices including other alternative medicines.

You usually have to go through a series of levels before you attain the award of reiki master but it’s worth doing as it not only helps you to improve your overall spiritual balance but you can also help others to achieve the same thing. Just bare in mind that you do need to have patience as it takes some years to fully master these techniques but in the end you will find and inner peace and intense love that you can’t even begin to be described.

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