Vitalizer Plus Review – A Review of the Vitalizer Plus Water

The Vitalizer Plus is a machine that transforms regular filtered water into structured hexagonal water. It consists of a mineral cube core and a blender-type machine that simulates natural forces and minerals found in fresh mountain streams to convert regular water into hexagonally structured water clusters. Drinking Vitalizer Plus water gives many reported benefits to the human body, including energy boosting, cellular cleansing, anti-aging, weight loss, hydration and Vitalflow more. Apart from drinking, Vitalizer Plus water can also be used to cook with, water plants and more. I decided to try out the Vitalizer Plus for myself and write a Vitalizer Plus review based on my experiences.

Setting up the Vitalizer Plus was quick and easy and before I knew it I was drinking the vitalized water. I noticed immediately that it quenched my thirst quite effectively. I had been told that a good time for drinking the Vitalizer Plus water was in the morning, because when you wake up your body is dehydrated and it’s a perfect time to rehydrate your body with this enriching water. Therefore, for the next month I carried on drinking the vitalized water every morning.

After about two weeks on the Vitalizer Plus water I started getting compliments about how I was looking really good and fresher. This was naturally a pleasant surprise, but one I was completely unaware of, so I took a picture of myself and compared it to one from a couple of weeks ago and then I noticed that I did look refreshed, less tired and sharper. I guess you don’t really notice these things if you see yourself in the mirror everyday. Once I paid more attention to it I noticed that my skin just looked younger, a nice natural glow like what I usually get after a nice refreshing jog or relaxing day at the park.

I also noticed that I lost a little weight, 15 pounds after a month of drinking the Vitalizer Plus water. If this trend continues then I’m going to be very happy. After about a month and a half I’ve been rather excited with the results I’m seeing from the Vitalizer Plus and I’ve started using it to cook with as well (hey if I have it, I might as well use it). I’ve made some delicious soups with the vitalized water and have also added it to smoothies in a blender. With regards to taste I find that it tastes like ordinary spring water and is perfect to cook with.

To conclude my Vitalizer Plus review, my experience with the Vitalizer Plus has been a positive one with some pleasant surprises and benefits for my body health and appearance. If you live on a mountain near a fresh water stream then you don’t need a Vitalizer Plus, but if you’re like me living in a city then the Vitalizer Plus machine is something I would definitely recommend.

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