What Are the MLM Basics For Marketing Online

If you are asking yourself ‘what are the MLM basics for marketing online’? then you have come to the right place, because this is the first article in a series I am writing to explain the MLM basics for someone starting online marketing. When I came online to market my MLM business, I had no idea what I should be doing and wasted absolutely loads of time trying to understand the MLM basics for marketing online.

The very first, and most important thing that you need online is a system. Without a system you will spend loads of time, money and effort trying to figure out lots of different things. Apart from the training which a system will give you, you need to know the tools necessary to market online, you need to learn copywriting skills and you will need someone to troubleshoot for you regularly for the first few months. Learning to market you MLM business online has a huge learning curve and you can waste a considerable amount of time if you are not willing to invest in a system.

I began by following someone who seemed to know what they were doing, and whom I liked. I soon realised that this person used a system, and I quickly plugged into that system. I was amazed; this system blew me away. For starters there was a ‘getting started’ section, which walked me through setting up my system, with instructional videos. Not being much of a techie, and being, well, shall we say an ‘older’ lady, this probably took me longer than some people who perhaps grew up with computers or were more tech savvy. But it didn’t matter if I had to watch some of the videos more than once.

After I had everything set up, I made a plan of which marketing training I would start with, then began watching the amazing training videos. After each section you have learnt so much about marketing that you can go out and begin working on generating those all important leads. And now, months down the road I am generating leads everyday, and more importantly I am still learning everyday from this system. Every week we have a training call webinar, usually with a guest speaker, and also a live coaching call where the leaders are calling leads in their system to show us how to prospect.

I have still not used everything in my arsenal in the back office with regards to training. I believe when my first year is up, I will still not have used every resource they have available, and more and more trainings are being added regularly. We have our own online community where you can meet other members in the system and where lots of newbies ask questions about the system. We also have live skype chat with many of the leaders in the system.

So there you have it, the first and most important thing you need to market online is a system. I use the #1 Attraction Marketing System, LeadSystemPro. This is a generic system which you can use to generate leads for ANY type of business, MLM or otherwise. They have recently added another facet to the system, ‘Conquer The Internet’, which will bring a new dimension to the system. Using a system will save you from a great deal of struggling online!

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