Why Should You Choose This City to Live?

Not everybody knows that Bronx was awarded as “All American City” by National Civil League in the year 1997. It is now a benchmark and perfect example of what you can do to revive cities.

The past as it was

When a city grows, its physical boundary, internal arrangement develops and changes according to needs. Neighborhood experiences rapid changes, emerging from vacant land to buildings to destruction, a way of perhaps, urban renewal or may call it gentrification. As because life never stops, movement of households takes place due to different stages of life cycle. Certain factors like employment, residential and travel choices, standard improvement, population invasion, industrial land use are the root cause of migration. As residents move from one place to a better one, vacancy fills with the new generation usually from a low socio-economic status. Bronx was perhaps build that way slowly year after year and within a matter of time it had the most multifamily dwellings and few owner occupied homes of any city of county in America. By late 1940 Bronx was the place where the city’s latest wave of migrants could settle.

In 1960s and 1970s, neighborhoods that had held descendants of Bronx families disappeared under the plague of arson, crime, and housing desolation, apartments turning bubble filled dirty lands. The South Bronx was mostly hit, turned from 2/3rd whites in 1950 to 2/3rd African American and Hispanic by 1960.

But that was the 1st part of the story.

The astonishing turn around

The “comeback” phase started from early 1980 kick started with a “Ten year Housing-Plan” by the borough. The community representatives and associates actively started working towards economical, social and structural developments by creating inexpensive housing. The South Bronx area observed a rapid real estate development. Since then there was no looking back. The Bronx has made exceptional progress by means of mayor’s new housing marketplace plan, which was intended to ensure safe and secure housing for all. “Misperceptions about the Bronx have delayed us from reaching our full potential”, says Peter Magistro, founder and president of the Bronx Pro Group. Change was inevitable, people have forgotten past over time, so it’s showing up in form of social and economic development.

What is really amazing is that people migrating are having multiple options to find affordable family apartment in a modern and well constructed building, something you never thought of earlier. Developers are giving their best to showcase Bronx as a “place to stay forever”. A modern home is getting enough space and facilities so that living becomes cozy and comfortable. Interestingly many neighborhoods have now great subway service, and there are plenty of shopping malls. Attractions in the Bronx are plenty. The famous Bronx Zoo, the New York Botanical Garden, Wave Hill, well maintained parks where you can play golf or picnic, Orchard Beach and City Island. You can have an unforgettable weekend Italian dinner in any of the famous Arthur Avenue restaurants.

Thus the Bronx is expanding. Once famous for Hip-hop, now multi cultural environment makes the Bronx a vibrant place to live in. Neighborhoods are safer and prospering. A family of four earning under $80,000 can easily find affordable housing in an apartment with amenities.

The best places to live in the Bronx

Riverdale is attracting the most. Best, safe and comfortable to stay. The West Bronx has a lot of attractions too. Excellent subway service, and there’s a retail zone along Fordham Road. Another neighborhood to mention is Pelham Bay. It has excellent access to the 6 train, the park, and restaurants in a family friendly walk able area. Morris Park is another area where people are looking for single family apartments.

Some places of South Bronx are getting developed that are offering good communication. Mott Haven, stellenangebote, Melrose and Port Morris are the focal point of real estate development here.

The South Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation has identified an underutilized waterfront stretch from the 149th Street Bridge to Third Avenue Bridge as an area for future development. SoBRO, a nonprofit working relentlessly to develop Bronx reports that as many as 8,500 units could be developed along the Harlem River waterfront by 2040, pumping more than $3 billion worth of investment. The report, set to be released in late November, also identifies few sites which could be key to bringing important development to the area.

There are some lapses too

Every city has its own problem, so do Bronx. There are not enough bank branches in the area. Social needs are somewhat ignored. There must be more day care facilities for senior people. Some places are too far from subway and few are in a two-fare subway zone. Another significant issue is the relentless movement of city waste through the neighborhood. Almost 70% of New York City’s garbage is handled at waste removing stations in the South Bronx, which is often over concentrated. People in that region are facing serious health related problems. This issue needs proper attention.

Bronx has an unemployment rate less that 10% which was quite high a couple of years ago. The number of jobless is now 9.8% compared to 10.2% in 2009, says the officials of the New York State Department of Labor.

Winding up

If you are wondering how to sell your house fast and settle to the Bronx, this is the time and opportunity to do so. A flourish of modern construction is much talked about in the city. It is really amazing to see the hyper activity while moving through the streets!

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